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About myself


As a vivid traveller and photographer I would like to welcome you to my website, portfolio and blog. Ever since my first real adventure began as a 16-year old travelling half-way across the globe to New Zealand, I have been addicted to travelling.

The pictures, montages and stories that are displayed on this website are a result of learning from a lot of failures, overexposed pictures and horrible footage made along the way. Feel free to hop aboard the train, hope you enjoy the ride :-).

How I work

The main goal of my adventures is to explore and enjoy the country I am visiting. That means most of these pictures are taken "on the fly". As a traveller-photographer I have taken more than 20.000 pictures.

This website's main goal is to achieve a sense of fulfilment within myself, as well as to inspire you, the visitor. It's purpose is to create a need to travel and explore the beauty that this world has to offer.

Most of these pictures have been slightly edited with photoshop with the main purpose to add contrast and colour where applicable and to minimize mistakes caused by things that I have no influence on.

My most recent travels