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My High School Year | 2009-2010

Published: 10-10-2019

After finishing secondary school in the Netherlands at the age of 16, I was given the opportunity to spend a year abroad. Ever since watching the Lord of the Rings as a kid with my dad in the cinema in Utrecht, I had always wanted to visit the Land of the Long White Cloud..

and this was the perfect opportunity! I spent one year, living with a lovely host family, in the small village of Wanaka, attending the local High School (Mount Aspiring College). Many friends were made and many adventures were had.

I wrote a weekly travel diary as well! If you are keen on reading more about my adventures please head here "Reismee Thomas Merkus" (Dutch). 

To create a more visual log of my exchange year in New Zealand, I made the following 8 videos displaying my year (Dutch).

- Language and Culture Camp, Auckland

- Mount Aspiring College (Term 3 of 2009), Wanaka

- South Island Discovery Tour, NZET

- Mount Aspiring College (Term 4 of 2009), Wanaka

- Summer Holidays (country wide travels)

- Mount Aspiring College (Term 1 of 2010), Wanaka

- Ultimate North Island Tour, NZET

- Mount Aspiring College (Term 2 of 2010), Wanaka